Thursday, July 30, 2009


my friend carolyn challenged people to make a home video this summer...
however, this is my first, so don't be too much of a critic.

i have to say i have been feeling a little down lately with this whole
unforgiving recession and all but, really all that is important is
family and that we are together... for ever.
seeing my kids smile is truly my happy place.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

baby runs

you might have the runs if...

...your parents have stopped putting you in diapers and just let you play bare butt with a towel lying underneath you for whenever it happens.

yes, i am tired of changing dirty diapers every five minutes and it feels like there is no end in sight of eden's runny poo!

gross, i know. but not as gross as jack sniffing his hand after putting it in his butt and then saying he likes the smell because it reminds him of mexico.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

balloon things

i usually am opposed when it comes to wasting a couple of dollars on those balloon twisting restaurant people who race to your table when they spot a child from 100 yards away as if you have a giant target with flashing lights going off and a sign that says "over here".  However, i guess i was feeling charitable and all of their cousins were doing it.... peer pressure may have had something to do with it... but jack and ava got to experience their first balloon objects and they loved them.

first ava wanted a horse. then a princess crown. oh wait, no, i mean ariel. yeah ariel. a mermaid just like ariel. her fav by the way. i couldn't believe how stinking cute this stupid balloon ariel was. it was amazing and i was ready to throw a 20 dollar bill at the ladies feet by the time she was done. that's how much i loved it. i may have even secretly loved it more than ava. yikes! 

jack got t-rex and a hat. all night he was running around the house shouting rrrrroooaaaaaarrrr and trying to scare us. it was pretty awesome.

i guess a couple of extra dollars can go a long way :)
cheers to balloon artists.

Monday, July 13, 2009

free food ya'll

not in a million years did i think i would dress my kids up as cows and get free food.
thanks to my sister-in-law visiting from texas, i did.
chick-fil-a was giving out free combo meals to anyone who was ridiculous enough to dress
up as cows and parade through their joint.

here we are getting our spots, utters and signs all in place.

jack looking spiffy in a cow without spots sort of way.

addison and bailey ready for the showdown.

ava adding her final touches.

my crazy sister-in-laws, allison and heidi, actually spotted themselves.
and got free food i might add.

the cousins enjoying their FREE chikin.

eden was pretty happy and excited too.

**if you can believe it, they went back for dinner too.
the things we do for a free $6 meal.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

we're all dying

jack thinks he's dying.
if he happens to see blood, he's dying.
even if it is the tiniest of tiny amounts.
yep, he's on his way to his grave.


on the other hand, i really feel like i'm dying.
i have been deep cleaning my house for three days straight.
my sister-in-law is coming in town with her four kids and it isn't
until company is coming to stay at your house that you realize what a piece of crap 
you've been living in.
why is that?
the only thing is she is flying standby and keeps missing her flights.
so, even though i have more time to clean,
my kids have more time to trash the heck out of it.
i kind of want to yank my hair out by the roots and scream.
i guess i better get back to cleaning.
who knows what they have gotten into while i have been typing.

Monday, July 6, 2009

rocky point

 jacobson cabin
july 2009

we went to jason's family's cabin in la choya bay.
my family joined us for their first time ever roughin it with the cockroaches and all.
i think they loved it. well, maybe love is a strong word.

ava bed hopping.
eden bear, stoned face as usual.

jack and jeremy crab hunting.
jack playing with his mexican loot.

la choya bay.

the fish market
jack, aubree, and kayda.

it was hot. blasted hot.

checking out all of the mexican junk.

sandy beach

independence day
dani and devon decorating our delicious flag cake.
ava lighting it up in her undies.

happy fourth of july,
from rocky point.

p.s. we had a blast.