Monday, March 26, 2012

sunday afternoon at the homestead

here's a few things we like to do on a sunday afternoon:

jack: toontown.
ava and eden: play on the piano and sing songs followed by some dancing.
jason: relax while playing scramble with me on his phone.
jonah: observe all the craziness that is going on around him.
me: take pictures of the craziness that is going on...(eden's facial expressions kill me! she loves being in front of the camera.)

Friday, March 23, 2012


this little mister got his first haircut. for some reason i think i can cut/trim hair but i really can't. i went to "trim" jonah's hair around his ears and i can't say for sure what happened but i sort of messed up. i had to bring in the husband to save the day. he got out the clippers and started trimming away. i sat back and watched as my little baby boy was transformed into a little man. it was so sad to see all of his baby hair go. now, he looks so big and i don't feel i have a little baby anymore. this breaks my heart but i have to say he looks mighty handsome all grown up.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the shark aquarium at mandalay bay

the end to that shark adventure :)
{and to our las vegas adventure...what happens in vegas, stays in vegas!}

Monday, March 19, 2012


mandalay bay
las vegas, nevada
(aka "the other new york city"...according to jack)

we had a relaxing time poolside.
the children swam till there little hearts were content.
they went round and round in the lazy river.
jonah LOVED playing in the sand.
mostly he loved throwing it even though it all landed on his head and in his hair.
he kept us very entertained.
we wish it could've been a little warmer and little less windy but it wasn't bad for march :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

the breinholts go to las vegas

we arrived in las vegas after a short 4 hour drive from williams, az. the kids were in awe at all of the hotels and swore they were in NYC. we had to keep telling them that new york has way more buildings.

one night we took a walk down the strip and ended up a serendipity's for dessert. along the way, we stopped in at m&m world, rode many escalators in "elf" fashion, watched the water show at the bellagio, lost jonah's binky, saw some interesting people, and took turns carrying tired children while wishing we had brought the double stroller. we were pretty excited when we got to serendipity's and even talked it up so much to our kids about how delicious it was. however, it was quite a disappointment. they were out of bananas and the banana spilt was one of our top choices, so that was out. we settled on the fried oreo sundae and some chocolate cake sundae. all i can say is new york city's is a hundred times better. oh well. we still enjoyed the atmosphere and afterwards ava and i had our own little dance party in the courtyard. we pretty much rocked it and then we headed back to our hotel with four very tired children for good night's sleep :)