Tuesday, July 21, 2009

balloon things

i usually am opposed when it comes to wasting a couple of dollars on those balloon twisting restaurant people who race to your table when they spot a child from 100 yards away as if you have a giant target with flashing lights going off and a sign that says "over here".  However, i guess i was feeling charitable and all of their cousins were doing it.... peer pressure may have had something to do with it... but jack and ava got to experience their first balloon objects and they loved them.

first ava wanted a horse. then a princess crown. oh wait, no, i mean ariel. yeah ariel. a mermaid just like ariel. her fav by the way. i couldn't believe how stinking cute this stupid balloon ariel was. it was amazing and i was ready to throw a 20 dollar bill at the ladies feet by the time she was done. that's how much i loved it. i may have even secretly loved it more than ava. yikes! 

jack got t-rex and a hat. all night he was running around the house shouting rrrrroooaaaaaarrrr and trying to scare us. it was pretty awesome.

i guess a couple of extra dollars can go a long way :)
cheers to balloon artists.

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