Tuesday, May 24, 2011

mexican retreat

rocky point, mexico: the vacation before summer vacation.
i give you our top ten:

(the kids playing in the water as the tide rises to the steps of the cabin)
10. riding on the golf cart over rocks and through the sand and dirt.

9. digging for clams.

(ava washing the sand off her feet in the oldest sink ever)
8. all day dance parties on the patio.

(eden gazing out to sea, planning her next adventure)
(apparently, you are only cool if you're wearing orange)
7. eating thrifty ice cream in the fist market.
(for some reason thrifty ice cream just tastes better in mexico)

6. building sand castles.

5. eden's curly hair from the warm ocean air.

4. high tide.

(jonah showing off his cuteness)
3. eating cereal for lunch.

(jack and ava proving they really do love each other)
2. playing on the rocks.
hence the name, rocky point.

(jack and ava making sand angels)
and last but not least...
1. sparklers on the beach.

we will be back for more.... soon. very soon.

Friday, May 20, 2011

jonah's baby blessing

jonah was blessed on mother's day.
which is so fitting, since that is what mother's day is all about.
being a mother to the children we care for and love to pieces.
through the good and the bad.
so, what better way to celebrate it than blessing my newest little being.

another reason this particular weekend was so special, was that it was the first time in a long time that my entire husband's family was at the same place at the same time.
all of his seven siblings were there with all of their children.
it was pretty amazing to see everyone all together.
i bet his parents were thrilled while watching from up above.

getting prepared for the group picture.
the whole gang. (i could list everyone but that could get lengthy and confusing.)
where's jonah?
jack with the sun shining in his eyes.
eden being carted around on her dad's back.
my little family.
i am so blessed.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

another late easter post

what: easter sunday post church pictures
Where: the backyard
when: april 24, 2011
approximately 11:26 am

(ava took a spill on her bike the previous day, which explains her road rash)

and last but not least, some snapshots of the kids and their favorite easter basket items.

we had a fabulous easter weekend, spending it with family
and enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

Friday, May 6, 2011

easter morning

Easter 2011


easter treats.

backyard hunt.

the aftermath.

and jonah slept through it all :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Agritopia kids triathlon.

jack participated in his first triathlon.
it was so cute to watch him compete.
he was so nervous the night before that he could hardly sleep.
he was more worried about what place he would get than the actual race.
the kids swam, biked, and ran their little butts off throughout the neighborhood.

age group: 6 and 7 year olds
{to the lady asking out loud, yes, he may be little, but he is 6 (almost 7), since you were wondering}

swim (4 laps)

bike (1.5 miles)

run (1/2 mile)

jack listening to the results with 2 of his biggest fans... sisters, ava and eden.
they cheered him on the whole entire time.

he placed 3rd... and got a medal!
(however, there were only 3 boys in his age group. but nobody has to know that.)

favorite quotes of the day:

me: "hey jack, wasn't that so much fun?"

jack: "yeah (with a big smile on his face), it was fun beating people."
{he is totally not competitive. can you tell?}

jack: "mom, i know i got my medal for the running part. i definitely got first in running. can i run it again just for fun?"

jack you are a rockstar.