Thursday, April 29, 2010

do a little dancy dance

ever wonder what we do on a wednesday night?

well, if you must know...
we have the wildest, craziest dance parties ever.
no pants required.
just undies and "jajamas" as ava would say.

imagine some sean kingston, taylor swift, lady gaga, kelly clarkson, princess and the frog, and bon jovi's livin' on a prayer .

this is how we do it, folks.

Friday, April 23, 2010

de ja vu

i think i might be changing my residence to the gilbert hospital.
i seriously just spent the last 2 nights in a row there and its starting to feel a little like home.

the first night, ava tripped and caught the corner of the table.
she split her lip right open. the cut went all the way through. ouch.
she was so tough as they sewed her up and with 4 stitches, a red cherry popsicle, and hopes of a career as a super model lost, we were headed back home.

almost 24 hours later, we were off to the gilbert e.r. .... again.
ava and jack were trying to slide down the banister of the stairs.
ava fell 8 feet from the top of the stairs onto her back.

i was so embarrassed as i went through the from doors of the hospital and saw the same receptionist working.
she was probably thinking what horrible parents. don't they watch their children??
her back was red, bruised and inflamed.
with scares that she broke a rib or injured her kidney, they rushed her into a ct scan.
the worst part of the night was trying to get her to pee into a cup.
then came the news from the doctor. she was going to be fine. she banged up her back muscles pretty bad, but was going to be fine.
i was relieved to hear that my sweet daring girl was going to be okay.

tonight, i am going to watch her like a hawk.
no threepeats, please.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

an earthy day

happy earth day.

here's to a day of planting trees.....

...and beautiful flowers.
a day of making our earth our more beautiful place.

p.s. happy birthday mom/nana.
we love you.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

call me "crafty"

a lot of my friends sew and seem to make these wonderful creations.
(quilts, clothes, costumes, tie chairs, etc)
i do not sew.
so, with a lot of help from one of my expert sewing friends, i was able to make my girlies
some fun skirts to frolic in for the scorching hot summer that is fast approaching.

i have to say that i am quite proud of myself.
proud of myself for the sheer fact that they look like... skirts.

ava loves to wear them and pretend that she is this domestic mom who cooks in the kitchen
and takes care of her babies (a.k.a. eden).
don't know where that came from since:

1. i do not cook in the kitchen very often and
2. i don't usually wear skirts unless its for church on sunday.

maybe i should be taking some pointers from my 3 year old.
if i can sew, so can you.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a stupid sugar bet

(say hello to my little friend)

i kind of downed one of these on sunday night.
everything but the last bite.
if i had eaten the last bite, that would have meant that i had eaten an entire ben and jerry's and that would be awful.
that's something like 1200 calories, but who's counting?
the reason i "almost" ate the whole thing is:
.1 s'mores is the most delicious ice cream ever (and for some reason it can only be found at a certain safeway. strange.)
2. i was loading up on sugar because my husband thinks i can't go a single day without sugar.
so, monday through friday, its no sugar for me.
that's the stupid bet.
yes, admit i love my sugar and i love to eat it too.
and i eat a lot of it.
but, if i really want to, i can say no to the sugar.
and so far so good.
it is only tuesday, but i am doing pretty dang good.
no headaches, shakes or massive cravings.
however, i do feel like something is missing in my life.
it's a little unsatisfying at the end of the day.
so, wish me luck.

{p.s. i never lose a bet}

Thursday, April 8, 2010


easter eve

8:15 pm - decorate eggs for easter bunny to hide.

easter morning

7:01 am - wake up to see what kind of treasures the easter bunny left in their baskets.
favorites included cars for jack....
a bunny for eden....
and candy and princess lip gloss for ava.

7:20 am - hunt for easter eggs in the backyard.

7:35 am - easter egg hunt over. time to take in all the candy, eggs, and new surprises.
7:45 am - breakfast. on the menu.... sugar.

fyi: i have plastic easter eggs all over my house and i am about ready to scream. we have been reliving easter every day since the easter bunny came. and every day, a couple more eggs find their way into my garbage ;)