Monday, July 13, 2009

free food ya'll

not in a million years did i think i would dress my kids up as cows and get free food.
thanks to my sister-in-law visiting from texas, i did.
chick-fil-a was giving out free combo meals to anyone who was ridiculous enough to dress
up as cows and parade through their joint.

here we are getting our spots, utters and signs all in place.

jack looking spiffy in a cow without spots sort of way.

addison and bailey ready for the showdown.

ava adding her final touches.

my crazy sister-in-laws, allison and heidi, actually spotted themselves.
and got free food i might add.

the cousins enjoying their FREE chikin.

eden was pretty happy and excited too.

**if you can believe it, they went back for dinner too.
the things we do for a free $6 meal.


Kristin said...

You guys were so brave! I thought about it but chicken'd out! ;)

scott and lindsey said...

haha- i think i might dress up like a cow tomorrow- it just looks like so much fun!