Tuesday, July 20, 2010

cleaning house

ava and eden taking the vacuum for a ride.

and who says cleaning isn't any fun?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

here we are again

where: rocky point, mexico.
when: summer july 7-11, 2010.
what: kick'n back, crab fish'n, swim'n, eat'n, splash'n, hav'n a good ol' time in the sun. that's what.

we played all day, from sun up to sun down.
we would watch in amazement as the tide rolled in and then back out again.
on the last day, the water came all the way up to the steps of the cabin.
it was great.
talk about beach front property.
summer in mexico is where it's at.
(and where we're at.)

me, building sand tunnels for jack's cars. beacuse that's the kind of mom i am.
one bite for me. one bite for you.
eden sharing her rice krispie treat with here papa.

sandy beach:
where the waves are roar'n and the local venders are persistant.
no, for the billionth time, we don't want another bracelet or wooden bobblehead animal that my kid will break in 5 seconds.

mexico makes us smile.

Monday, July 12, 2010

fourth of july

the 4th of july.

before going to church pictures.

throwing pop rocks.
hours of fun or until you run out of pop rocks.

watching the firework show in mesa.

Friday, July 2, 2010

red faces and a swim meet

jack had has last official swim meet of the summer.
he was branded with a williams field barracuda tatoo.
he was very proud of it too.
it's a special one that doesn't come off in the water, so he says.

Q. what does a thursday evening swim meet in july and arizona have in common?

A. red faces.

it was a bazillion gazillion degrees.
poor eden was thankfully distracted with pringles and apricots.
either that or she was just having the life sucked out of her from all the heat.
nonetheless, jack rocked in the butterfly but took it easy in the freestyle.