Monday, February 28, 2011

i can see the finish line

(somewhere around 36 or 37 weeks, i think - the doc keeps changing my due date so who knows)

(up close and personal)

i'm not too fond of these of photos but for documentation purposes i decided to post them anyway.
it's hard to believe the end is here... actually it's not.
scratch that.
the end of this pregnancy has seemed like 20 billion years.
what is hard to believe is that i'm going to have 4 stinkin' kids!
i'd like to say that i'm ready for the challenge but my mind knows better.
i guess it's just going to be even crazier around here for a while.
the exciting part is i won't be pregnant anymore and i will have a precious new baby to make me smile :)

i know ava is getting more than excited and that she will be my little helper whether i like it or not; jack is realizing his days as the only boy are numbered, and eden... oh little eden.
i'm just going to have make sure that she doesn't poke his eyes out.

i am due in a week or two but have been dilated to a 4 and 80% effaced for about a week now.
so, i guess anytime.
but my luck, this little tease will make me wait till my due date.
either way, this bun is done.
(just ask my massive protruding belly button)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

"valentime's" week/day

here is our valentine's week in pictures...

{a note that jack made for his dad.}

{jack working on his class valentines.}

{jacks's valentine loot.}

{the beautiful red roses that the mr. left for me before leaving for work. what a charmer.}

{eden showing off her cookie valentine post nap.}

{ava's artistic valentine bag which is so 4 year old precious.}

we have been enjoying making valentines and sharing them with those we like and love.
also, eating lots of junk.
i feel like we have had a sugar overload for some reason.
like almost worse than halloween.
what's up with that??

Thursday, February 10, 2011


ever since this cute thang saw the movie tangled, she has wanted long locks just like rapunzel.
only problem is that her hair fits the title: TANGLED.
she has the most tangled knotted hair and would hate to have it brushed it out.
it was a constant fight.
so, i finally convinced her to let me cut off some of those tangles or "tingles" as she would say.
3 or so inches to be exact.

she still puts up a fight when it comes to brushing out her hair
but it only takes half the time to brush out now.
(and she looks pretty darn cute)
even if she has ketchup all over her face from eating her mickey mouse chicken nuggets
which she has to have every day for lunch.

if you remember, rapunzel cut her the end... but try telling an obsessed 4 year old that.
although, i think she secretly likes it better now :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

all we need is love

happy february

since february is supposed to be a month of love, i wanted to do something that would bring a
little love inside our home. hopefully.
so, i came up with a love chart for each kid.
all throughout the month, i will be closely watching each of my children to see what acts of love they can show towards one another.
for each unintentional act of love they do, they receive a sticker on their chart.
5 stickers = a toy from the treasure basket.
if they make it to 40 stickers, they get to go to peter piper pizza.

i just hope i can make it through the month without my kids driving me crazy and asking
me if they get a sticker for every single little thing they do.
for instance, ava gave me a kiss as she left for pre-school and then asked if she would
get a sticker for giving me kiss.
you should want to give me kiss anyway. silly girl.
in the end, i really hope we have love-ly month.

here, their charts will hang all month long.