Wednesday, August 18, 2010

jack turns six

jack david breinholt
est. august 10, 2004

well, actually jack turned six a little over a week ago, but better late than never. he always gets super excited for his birhtday even though this year we prepped him with the idea that he wasn't getting a birthday party with friends. instead, he got super duper day with his wonderful family :) jack got to pick where he wanted to go for dinner. his pick... peter piper pizza. when the whole day was over he announced that this was his best birthday ever. sweet. so, does this mean that i don't have to throw a birthday party for him ever again. hmmm.

jack was greeted in the morning with an extra large pancake for breakfast.
he had to kind of hurry up since it was the second day of school and getting out the door can be harder than you think.

jack's birthday cake.
a shark.
i think it may have been inspired by shark week on the discovery channel.

making a wish.
i sure love this kid.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

first day of kindergarten.... again.

jack had his first day of school. he thought kindergarten was so nice that he would try it twice! actually, that was his parents idea. if jack could, he would have skipped first and gone straight to second. but since i'm his mom, i get to make all those life changing decisions for him. or at least for now... while he is still young. if i can give any advice to future moms out there, i would say "don't have boys that will be born in august or july. shoot for september or october." it makes life a whole lot easier.

jack was sooooo excited.
the expression on his face says it all.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the last hoo-rah

we decided to squeeze one more summer vacay in before school starts.
so off to newport beach, california we went (minus the husband who had to stay home and work)
i went with my family and my sister danielle who flew in from boston.
it was so nice for all the "daley" cousins to be together and get to hang out
on the beach for a whole week together.
we enjoyed the cooler weather, took night bike rides to balboa island for tasty frozen bananas and famous balboa bars, played on the beach, relaxed and for those who dared, played in the freezing cold waters of the pacific ocean.

little miss ava taking a ride on the ferry boat to balboa island.

eden manhandling her frozen banana with rainow sprinkles.

kayda, hannah, ava, danielle, aubrie.

ava showing off her bay watch moves.

eden. (a.k.a. maggie simpson)

jack riding the ferris wheel at the balbao fun zone.
rides are way more fun when your hands touch the sky.

the sand monster.

(david, lexi, sydney, aubrie, hannah, c.j., jack, ava, eden)

all the cousins.
some happy. some not so much. and some shivering.