Monday, September 29, 2008

The countdown begins

Fall is finally here.... sort of.  Just because it is still 100 degrees here in Az doesn't mean that we can't pretend the weather is cooling off and that the leaves are changing colors.  At least we can decorate and walk around like there's a chill in the air.
Jack and Ava had so much fun getting our house ready for Halloween this weekend. Jack is always asking how many more days until everything.  Hey mom, how many more days until the baby comes? About 60.  Ahh, that will take a long time.  Mom, how many more days until my birthday, Christmas, Ava's birthday,  pretty much anything coming up in the future.  Now... the perfect thing for him.

"31 days until Halloween.  Ahh that will take a long time."

Halloween=candy all month long

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brotherly Love

Last night the kids were doing their usual nightly routine of getting one more play session in before bedtime.  They were downstairs in the playroom while Jason and I were upstairs enjoying some time together.  Occasionally, we would here some laughing and them maybe a little quarrel and them some more laughing.

Then we hear Ava's "I'm hurt" cry.  We could tell it wasn't super bad so we wait for her to to slowly climb the stairs.  As she gets closer her cry gets a little louder.  When I finally see her sad face, I scooped her up and asked her wait happened.  In a muffled half crying voice she says "jackie" (who she calls Jack).  I asked her if Jack did something to her and she says yes.  

A few minutes later, Jack wanders upstairs.  I asked him why Ava was crying and he tells me she fell.  I then explained to him that that is not what she said had happened.  In a surprised loud Jack voice he said, "Ava knows how to say what happened now!" I say yes.  He says Ohh. So I say do you want to tell me your side of the story?  He then proceeds to tell his side of the story... "Once upon a time, Ava hit me so I hit her back.  The end."

Jason and I both looked at each other wanting to laugh but doing our best to keep a straight face.  I then went on to tell Jack that just because his sister hit him doesn't mean its okay to hit back.  So, he said he was sorry and he gave her a hug and a kiss.  Seconds later they ran off together hand in hand like nothing ever happened.  THE END.

Monday, September 22, 2008

2 years old

happy birthday ava

the party
the excitement.

the candles.

the presents.

the cake. (yum)

Why we love our AVA...
almost always has a smile on her face
can shake her booty better than most hip hop dancers
already poops in the potty
loves to snuggle
always willing to share with others
adores her big brother
can sing the chorus to "I keep bleeding" (and most of the song)
loves animals
is the sweetest thing in the whole world


Monday, September 15, 2008

My Toy Story

   Jack:  Hey mom I'm going to go play with my toys,  okay?

   Mom:  Alright, but only get one toy out at a time.

   Jack:  I will.  I'm just going to play with my cars.  I promise.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

the unfortunate one

First of all, let me start off by saying that I have the toughest almost 2 year old in the entire world.  Nobody better mess with her or else...   As you can see from the above photo she is missing her top front tooth.  This happened right before her first birthday when I was away for a girls night out.  I came home from the movies to find my precious baby girl had slipped and caught her tooth on a ledge and my husband explained to me that it was just hanging there.  So, what does he do, he rushes her to her papa's house, who is a dentist, to see what can be done.  My dad says he has to pull it because there is no way it can be saved.  While he was pulling it out, somehow he dropped it in her mouth and she swallowed it.  Yes, she swallowed her tooth.  Let me tell you how fun it was to fish through her poopy diapers looking for a mysterious front tooth.  For two weeks we looked (doctor's orders). No tooth.  I kept asking Jason if he was sure she swallowed it.  After he admitted to me that she actually gagged on it as it went down, I believed him.  As for the tooth... who knows... not even x-rays found it.  It's a mystery.   

So this past Sunday, we were getting ready for church and hear Ava crying.  I rush to see what is going on I notice within seconds she has a black eye.  Of course, I ask Jack what he did and he proceeds to tell me that he pushed her out of the chair because he didn't want her sitting there.  How a black eye evolves from that I'm not sure.  Not to mention Jack had ran into the table an hour before that giving himself a nice little shiner.  So, here we are going to church, two kids with matching black eyes and wondering what people are going to say.  Luckily nobody called CPS on us.  Just a lot of blank stares and "sure that's what happened" comments.  Kind of embarrassing.

There's more.  Today, Jack threw a toy at the side of her head and it instantly welted.  What more could happen to a sweet little girl. (hopefully nothing for a while) But I'm telling you that she is tougher than nails and her brother better watch out.  Sweet revenge.  By the way,  my kids really do love each other and NORMALLY play really good together. I know, you are probably saying "sure they do."

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lazy days in Prescott

It was so nice to get away for the weekend to somewhere cooler than here.  Thanks to the Dikes, we were able to retreat up north to Prescott for Labor Day.  The kids had so much fun playing outdoors while the adults had some fun of their own.  Whether it was staying up all night trying to pass Super Mario Brothers or having to guess what the heck Jason was trying to act out while playing Cranium.  (monkey in a bear... ?)  We had a blast.  Although, I may never look at 13 year olds the same or roasting marshmallows.  Thanks again Adam and Carolyn.  We'll have to do it again sometime.