Wednesday, June 26, 2013

mexico: day 3.

our last day in mexico was pretty amazing.  we woke up and got all ready for church and when we got to the church we found it was stake conference so we decided to go souvenir shopping instead.  later, jason took me and the kids on a golf cart ride around the hood.  he showed us this "zoo" he found in the middle of nowhere which he called the rocky point zoo and it was really random.  there were baby pigs and donkeys and few other animals.  the kids thought it was pretty cool.  then we rode over to our favorite park and did some swinging and teeter-tottering and jonah tried out the monkey bars.  then we rode back to the house and had one last crab hunt.  they never get bored of finding crabs!  we had another great trip and even though it's hard to leave this place, we always look forward to the next time.  peace out mexico.

Monday, June 24, 2013

mexico: day 2.

one of our favorite things to do while in mexico is to walk out to where the ocean meets the bay.  when the tide is really low, we can walk out so far and we get an amazing view of all of cholla bay.  along the way, the kids are always searching for little treasures like clams, sand dollars, unique shells, sea creatures, and one time, even an octopus.  its an adventure every time because you never know what you are going to find.  once we reach the water, the kids love to play and splash around.  its the best.

sometimes, we head over to sandy beach for a few hours and play in the "big" waves.  this time, ava and her cousin david were animals in those waves.  ava would get knocked over and get back up and then do it all over again.  she was keeping us entertained.  eden tried out the waves too but when one wave took her down she wasn't so into it anymore.

our night ended with dinner at a taco stand and then some roasted marshmallows over the stove and game of monopoly between nana and jack.  a good way to end the day if you ask me.

Friday, June 21, 2013

mexico: day 1.

just hours after school got out for the summer, we were in the car headed to mexico.  we don't mess around.

the first morning we were there, the kids were already out and about hunting for crabs and their first victim was a strange looking blue crab.  jonah was instantly obsessed with "crabbies" and all he wanted to do was sit and stare at them.  the rest of the day was spent swimming and hanging out on our bay front property.  there were also a few golf cart rides around the neighborhood and to the market.  the golf cart is also another one of jonah's obsessions.  the word "ride" is repeated at least a hundred times a day and most often we would find jonah just sitting on the golf cart waiting for someone to give him a ride.  he is all boy and i love it.

it was a nice relaxing first day in mexico with family and great way to kick off our summer vacation.  we sure do love this place...especially when it's warm out ;)  (remember our last trip.  it was freezing and we had no hot water.  not fun.)