Tuesday, April 30, 2013

easter sunday.

yes, i know easter was a month ago but that's just how i roll lately. so, here are a few pictures of my littles on easter sunday all dressed up and ready for church.  i think jonah may have stole the show with his bow tie and facial expressions.  he may have been on something. (that something was probably sugar from all the easter candy he kept shoving in his mouth all morning long).

another easter in the record books.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

easter morning.

i had better get these last easter posts in before april is over... even though easter feels like it was months ago.  all the kids woke up easter morning to find their baskets filled with all sorts of goodies and then it was off to the backyard for an easter egg hunt.  we gave jonah a 10 second head start but i don't think i made much of a difference.  i loved watching my kids who were running all around happy and giddy and full of life.  i do realize that when money and candy are involved that my children are going to be happy and giddy but it's always to nice to see smiles on their sweet faces.

Monday, April 15, 2013

coloring eggs.

easter egg coloring was a success.  these goofballs had fun adding their own little touches to each egg they colored and decorated.  jonah got in on the action for the first time this year.  once he realized what was going on he didn't want to stop.  he wanted to drop every egg in every color over and over again so we had to do a little intervention :)  all was good, though.  i must say, these kids crack me up.  (had to throw an egg joke in there.)  good times at the breinholt home.

Friday, April 12, 2013

easter egg hunt at the grandparents.

i am just getting around to post about easter weekend.  as usual, we had our traditional easter egg hunt at nana and papa's house on the saturday morning before easter. we let the kids run all over the backyard searching for eggs followed by a yummy and filling breakfast.

i do realize that most of my pictures are of eden and jonah.  jack and ava were too fast for me.  i had a hard time locating them so i stuck with the slow pokes.  speaking of slow pokes, i think jonah thought the hunt was an all day thing.  he would find an egg and then stop and try to open it and if he did get it open he would eat the candy and move on from there.  slow but funny little bugger.  it seems like every year, there are always five or so eggs that nobody can find so we end up scouring the backyard looking for the last eggs.  i think there were still some we never found.  however, eden was the lucky one who found the egg with the dollar bill in it.  she was pretty stoked!