Tuesday, January 25, 2011

time that doesn't fly

i know i mentioned that this year seems to be flying by. However, it does not seem to be flying by in pregnancy time. the last 6-8 weeks of being pregnant last forever. it's hard to convince myself that this baby who is taking up my entire torso is easier to take care of inside the womb than outside the womb. especially, that i have began to feel nauseous again, i get bad RLS (restless leg syndrome) at night, i have to pee all the time, i can't breathe, i'm anemic so i have to take iron which increases constipation (bring on the dried apricots).... and the list goes on. i'm such a complainer, i know. but, really i am so thankful to be able to be pregnant and i know it really is a blessing. i just wish it didn't have to be so darn uncomfortable and last for what seems like an eternity.

meanwhile, i let the time pass by watching my girls spin each other over and over again in an office chair that seems to keep them laughing uncontrollably.
what sweet kids i have :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

a new year

it's hard to believe that january is already about half over.

it seems like we were just toasting to a new year.
like yesterday.
if the rest of this year is going to fly by, i don't know what i'm going to do.
i have a bunch of goals i want to achieve
(obviously, blogging on a regular basis isn't one of them)
and who knows if i will get around to achieving them.
life just seems to take up so much time.
although, some of my goals i can't really start working on until after childbirth....
for instance, running more marathons and stuff.
but, most of them i can start on and i better get to it or else the year
will be over before i know it.
regardless, i am excited for 2011 and can't wait to see what adventures it will bring us.
hopefully good ones :)

(ava crashing before the official arizona new year.)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

christmas was here

santa did come.
he left some pretty great stuff.
not one was said to be disappointed.

eden: a new dog she can walk, more toy story guys, and books.
ava: baby "olive" (baby alive) in a high chair, books, make up, silly bands and lots of candy.
jack: toy story train legos, cars, junie b. jones books, silly bands, and candy.
mom: a lap top computer.
dad: a long board with a rowing stick.

it was a jolly morning in the breinholt home.
(mom and dad gave some pretty good presents, too)

merry be-lated christmas to all.