Friday, October 25, 2013

a summer evening a long time ago.

way back when it was in the triple digits and the only time you went outside was when the sun was starting to set, we played an evening game of hopscotch made with some good ol fashion sidewalk chalk.  i remember this evening because a) everyone was getting along and b) it was slightly overcast so the weather felt a little cooler than the normal "i think my face is going to melt off".

so far, this fall weather has been amaaazing.  we have barely been in the 90's at all which is almost unheard of in october in gilbert, arizona.  and the nights get down into the 50's which means we sleep with our windows open.  i will take some free air conditioning any time i can get.  i wish this weather could last forever but than there's a part of me that is ready for some really cold weather.  like cozy socks and coats and hats kind of cold weather.  oh and don't forget the hot chocolate.  it's going to be here before we know it!  bring on the seasons.

Friday, October 18, 2013

newport beach | part 3.

a few more pictures of a trip to southern cali....  our last days were spent building sandcastles, playing with papa, boogie board rides on the sand, bike rides down the boardwalk, splurging at our favorite candy store, and spending as much time with our cousin hannah who lives in boston.  my girls love their cousin hannah.  she is the older sister they never had.  too bad she lives so far away.

newport beach was once again so good to us.  with it's lovely weather and endless activities, there's no place like it.  my kids look forward to going every summer and being with their nana and papa and cousins.  and with that, our summer vacations were all over.  it was one unforgettable summer.

the end.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

newport beach | part 2.

^^^^family pictures on the beach^^^^

^^^^jonah's beach hair is all kinds of wonderful^^^^

^^^^everyone had to take a turn flying the kite^^^^

^^^^jack finally built up the courage to try some body surfing and he loved it even they his fear of sharks is still very much there^^^^

well, what more is there to say? it's hard to compete with the beach life.  we had another great couple of days even though jason had to leave us so he could go back home and work.  and of course our beach days weren't complete without an evening bike ride and ferry ride to balboa island for some more yummy treats and some window shopping.  this place steals our hearts.