Tuesday, July 26, 2011

swim team

we survived another summer of swim team.
(which actually ended about a month ago, but since i am running on SST (summer standard time), i am just getting around to post about it.)
and when i say "survived" i mean literally because for some reason the swim meets were always on thursday nights at 5:30 pm which happens to be the hottest time of the day.
imagine sitting in an oven that's set at 350*.

jack hated going to swim practice in the morning, mostly because it would infringe on his "toontown" time and if you don't know what toontown is, it's an addicting computer game that turns your 4-7 year olds into monsters.
however, he did like going to the swim meets and getting those ribbons.
it was so exciting to watch him this year because as opposed to last year, he actually seemed to know what he was doing.
he had improved tremendously and we were so proud him.

red face.

jonah and nana getting their cheer on.

way to go jack.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

lake powell 2011

lake powell 2011

(water running off the canyon walls from an afternoon thunderstorm.)

(jason and jack riding tandem on the wakeboard.)

(me, water skiing.)

(our whole houseboat community climbed the big sandy hill during the thunderstorm to get a better look at the waterfalls coming off the canyon walls.)

(jonah, who is four months old now, by the way, catching some rays of his own.)

(ava, the lone ranger, feeding her ice cream to the carp.)

(thank goodness for iphones... they keep the kids busy on long boat rides.)

(ava posing for me after she got done riding the water/sand slide that her dad built.)

jason built a giant water slide with a tarp that he bought at the home depot.
the rain helped make it a "natural" water slide and kids from every nearby houseboat
came running to take a ride on it.
it was a huge hit.
however, the wet sand got all over and stained my kids swimsuits a lovely orange.

we had a blast and it was hard to come back home, back to reality.

there is no place like lake powell and it will forever be a place of good memories :)
(especially of my late brother-in-law, who's most favorite place in the world was lake powell)