Monday, November 29, 2010

turkey trot

2nd annual breinholt
family turkey trot.

we are thankful for our agile bodies that let us run and run and run....

once again, we woke up bright and early thanksgiving morning and headed to the local
high school track for a run.
it is such a refreshing to start to the day.
i love seeing my kiddos use their little bodies in the way god intended.
not being idle.

jack completed 6 laps.
ava ran 4.
and eden walked/was carried at least 2 laps :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

boston in the fall

one week in boston, mass.

i went to boston for a week with eden and my mom to visit my sweet sister.
it is such an amazing time to visit.
the leaves are all different colors and the farmers markets are filled with autumn delights.
the weather is that perfect cold.
the cold that you can still enjoy outdoor walks through the city and than cozy up to a warm fire at night.
we did that.
lots of outdoor strolls and then warming our tootsies up to the fire at night.
we consumed lots of hot chocolate and donuts from dunkin donuts, of course.
did you know there are 104 dunkin donuts in the boston area?
i learned that while i was there.
boston has so much charm, so much history, and so many grave yards.
i am so glad that my sister lives there so when i get sick of the boring arizona desert,
i can go visit her :)

sleepy hallow graveyard.
concord, mass.
my sister's home town.
my niece aubrie collecting the giant fall leaves.
eden enjoying the fall leaves all around her.
my brother in law barry, my mom, my sister danielle, and eden bear strolling the through the graveyard.

eden taking in all the sights while riding on the famous duck tour.

the boston common covered in leaves.

the real music man.
he was playing all these instruments while singing margaritaville.

the finish line of the great boston marathon.
someday i will cross it.
if i can ever qualify, that is. sheesh.

eden fell in love with my sister's dog tilly even though the dog bit her hand.
they sort of developed a love/hate relationship.

thank you danielle for a pleasant back east trip.
and thank you to all my friends and family who helped take care of
my jack and ava while i was away.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

halloween 2010

halloween was on a sunday this year.
which means the day was probably just like a lot of other lds families.
we went to church, watched some football, carved pumpkins, and then got our kids all dressed
in their costumes only to tell them that instead of trick or treating this year,
they get to pass out candy.
sounds fun, right??
i guess getting candy doesn't compare to giving it away.
but, the nice/felling bad for our kids parents we are, we broke down and still let them do some trick or treating on our street.
it didn't help that, ironically, our sacrament meeting topic was on keeping the sabbath day holy.
whatev, the kids still had, we had fun, and another halloween goes down in the record books.

pumpkin carving on the back patio.

the costumed:
jessie #1 , captain hook (not to be confused with captain jack sparrow), and jessie #2

the jessie's heading out the door.

hope everyone had a happy halloween :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

halloween at disneyland

fall 2010

our magical moments and memories:

eden's little obsession.

we went all the way to disneyland to hang out in a red phone booth for an hour.
who would've thought.
the end.

*if you guessed the theme of our trip was jessie the yodeling cow were right on :)