Monday, December 24, 2012

more from disneyland.

highlights from our last days at disneyland: jedi training, many run-ins with the characters, room service and dance party in nana and papa's hotel room (gangnam style), christmas fireworks, snow on main street, dancing with phineus and ferb, and jonah's sweet choo choo face as we rode the disneyland railroad.  he literally said "choo choo" the whole entire time.  we had such a great time on this trip and made some wonderful memories.  this place really lives up to "the merriest place on earth" slogan.  way to go disney.

merry christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

christmas time at disneyland.

december 2012

**thursday night **


after arriving at our hotel in anaheim, california, it took us only about 20 minutes before we were heading through the front gates of, as of now, the merriest place on earth, disneyland.  and merry it was.
main street was magnificent.  we were put into the christmas right away with all the christmas lights, the christmas music, and all the holiday decor all around us. disney never disappoints. we also reunited with our disney bestie, erin.  together, we rode a few rides and chatted about everything from the past 2 months. a few of her friends joined us and jonah instantly connected with his new found buddy, andrew.  so cute, those two.  it was such magical evening.

the next day, the kids got up a bright and early and were ready to go.  so, we got ready and headed over to the park.  this trip was extra special because my parents and two of my little sisters came as well.  nana spoiled miss ava and miss eden.  she took ava to the bippity boppity boutique were ava got her hair and make up done and was transformed into a disney princess.  she felt very special.  eden got her very own ariel dress with gloves and purse.  she felt quite special as well.  my parents had never been to disneyland during the holidays so they were in such amazement by how everything had been done up for christmas.  it was fun taking them around and showing them all the "new" attractions like: it's a small world and the haunted mansion.

at night time we looked at all the lights on its a small world and then watched a candle light show on main street with a huge choir and a narrator telling the story of jesus's birth.  it was beautiful and yet i couldn't believe that disney had such a show highlighting the birth of christ.  it really was something.  i was very glad to see that the true meaning of christmas was being recognized right there in that very spot.  amazing.