Wednesday, February 25, 2009

laundry baskets and such

as i was putting away laundry today,
jack and ava were doing this...

5 minutes later,
 ava locked us in jack's room and it took me
15 minutes to bust us out.
silly kids.

Friday, February 20, 2009

jack's valentine goods

here's what he gave...
(smarties airplanes)

here's what he got...
 sharing is caring.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Disneyland here we come... rain or shine.
in this case more rain than shine but we still had a glorious time.
the good news, not a whole lot of people.
the bad news, jack was a quarter of an inch too short 
for most of the, um, cool rides.
next time we're gonna find the tallest shoes, maybe some cowboy boots,
so he won't have see his poor rejected face again.
the phrase "sorry bud, your almost there" became
a little too familiar.
the only way to travel, if you no what a mean.
sleeping children=quiet car ride :)
pretty much the only roller coaster jack could ride.
and honestly, nobody should be allowed on this ride.
it is sooo jerky and it feels like your head is going to rip off.
oh, the good ol' matterhorn. 
loves maps and pirates of the carribean.
loves argyle sweaters and the haunted mansion.
loves being cozy in her pink fluffy blanket and red fleece hat.
the birthday boy pushing two strollers because
we are that family now.
the one that has to have two strollers to cart all their kids around.
the always popular merry go round.
why, i don't know.
ava the surfer girl.
little eden enjoying her first trip to disneyland.
seconds before this photo was taken, jack was throwing a fit.
it's amazing what bribery can do.
ava standing by to observe.
jack and ava stopped to give matter a friendly dental exam.
map boy again.
uh oh.  map boy got lost.
this picture reminds me of kevin from home alone.
pom pom hat and all.

one more mickey mouse trip down... and a gazillion more to go.

Monday, February 16, 2009

jason's b-day

for jason's birthday, i decided to get him a brand spankin' new bike.
so, to surprise him, me and the kids taped a happy birthday sign
up and put the bike right where he would see it
when he pulled in from work.

then we went inside and baked him cake.
one side for the birthday man which was topped
with one of his favorites, coconut pecan frosting,
and the other side for the kiddos. chocolate with sprinkles.
doesn't get anymore kid friendly than that.
while i cooked dinner, the kids waited at the window 
so they could see their surprised dad.
and surprised he was.
after a stroll around the block on his new two wheeler,
we lit up all 29 candles and sang him a jolly old
happy birthday song.
jack and ava helped blow out all the candles.
they figured than they would get to make wish too.
then, finally we enjoyed that cake.
next up on the birthday list.... disneyland.
that's right. we continued the birthday celebration at
where else, but the happiest place on earth.

 (more to come from mickey mouse country.)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

a valentine

happy valentine's day

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

weekend news

this past weekend brought us a whole lotta delightful moments.
ava learned how to ride her bike using the pedals.
try not to notice the flowers full of weeds... i'm gettin' there.
jason finally took down the christmas lights that only worked for a 
whole week due to a winter rain storm.
jack pulled those weeded flowers. neighbor mckinley came to help us.
then there was a discussion on whose hands were the dirtiest.
i think mckinley won especially after she manhandled an earthworm.
eden got a bath.  she was starting to smell like mildewed formula. yum.
my niece lexi got baptized. we were so happy and excited for her.
my whole family was there.  my whole big crazy family that is.
except for a brother and a sister.
on sunday the clouds rolled in and as we came out of sacrament
meeting we were greeted with a massive hail storm.  it was awesome.
everyone just stopped and stared.  we get a little excited here when it rains.
so, you could only imagine what it was like to have hail.  fascinating.
then we made cookies sunday afternoon to celebrate our rare climate.
they were delicious.  ava got a little mad because she wanted a whole
one and us mean parents would only give her a half.
then we caved and gave her more.  so much for being mean.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

80 degrees

we may have scorching hot summers but nobody can beat our winters.
that's right. 80 degrees on this cool february day.
so what did we do?  celebrated.
i know east coasters would be killing for this kind of weather right now
and i am only going to rub it in a little bit because come summer
they'll be smearing it all over the place.

here's how our day went down...
bike ride.

lunch at the park.
playing in our bare feet.

a chocolate malt with an orange cherry on top.
which didn't go over too well with a certain someone.

inhaling a chocolate malt.

wearing tank tops and shorts.
loving the warm sunshine.

saving some for later.

playing with mother nature.

jack practiced taking pictures.

chucking a bike helmet at a tree to knock fruit down.

saying good-bye to a beautiful day.
the end.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

today's agenda

Today's agenda
8:45 am     jack pre-school
11:15 am     anthropologie for kids craft day with crystal
12:30 pm   lunch at costa vita
1:30 pm     barnes and noble to play with the trains
3:30 pm     ava nap
4:30 pm     Woody's Photo Shoot...

"look mom!"
"woody in a parachute."

"woody on a train."
"woody on a fire truck."

"woody on, you know, the thing that goes fast."

"woody on the thing i got for my birthday."

"woody in an airplane."

"hey mom, take a picture of the baby while i get woody ready."

"woody on a surfboard."

"woody in a helicopter."

"woody on a hanger."

"woody in an airplane."