Monday, March 24, 2014

gilbert temple open house.

oh gosh, these pictures make me so happy.  back on a cool february morning, we as a family got to tour the gilbert, arizona temple.  this is the most beautiful building i have ever been in.  it's literally like a palace inside. and it's all ours, gilbert :).... and of course, anyone else who wants to visit.

we have watched this temple be built from the ground up and to finally get the opportunity to tour it and to share this experience with my children and husband, has to be remembered as one of the greatest days.  we were also able to go with our favorite neighbors, dennis and mia.  we were so grateful they could come with us and see a piece of something that means so much to our family and our beliefs. i am so thankful to know that families are forever and so thankful that this temple is right here in our backyard.  what a blessing it is to have a temple so close (like two miles away, close!).  can't wait for all the memories that will be made here.

Friday, March 21, 2014

pinewood derby | 2014.

the pinewood derby went over pretty well this year.  of course, there was a few of those parents who take it very seriously but that just adds to the whole experience. i do consider myself a competitive person so, when they announced there was no winner this year, i was a little disappointed.  apparently, there was some cheating going on.  intentionally, unintentionally, i don't know.  but how could you have a race with no winner?  even if it isn't my kid (which i always hope he wins) but i like to see a winner!  anyway, it is what it is.  jack still had some fun and he had a pretty great cheering section. (namely:  jonah, eden, and ava).  until next year, pinewood derby.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

new year's day in the snow.

we had a pretty awesome new year's day.  it was spent sledding, laughing, making snow angels, and being launched cannon ball style into the snow.  we also got an unexpected workout.  hiking back up our sled trails was no easy task.  by the time we reached the top, we were huffing and puffing.  but it didn't stop us from sledding back down again.  and again.  and again.  sledding is fun people but i'm still glad i don't live in the the snow.  it's not fun when you're baby's hands are so frozen because he won't keep his gloves on.  i remember him crying when we were back in the car as they were coming back to feeling.  i felt so bad.  other than that, there were lots of smiles and some good memories made.