Monday, October 24, 2011

taylor swift-er concert

a friday night with just the girls....

this past weekend, my sister in law flew in from texas with her two girls.
the reason for this visit, and the only reason for this visit: taylor swift.
she was here, in phoenix, with her gazillion semi's full of who knows what, performing at arena.
and we were there too.
(we, meaning, me and 4 of my sister in law's and there girls.)

we grabbed some dinner and then headed out to glendale for a thrilling night.
the girls were beyond excited and i think the mom's may have been a tiny bit too.

the cousins at nypd pizza before the show.
(bailey, chancey, mckenna, addi, ava, and lucy)

one excited little monkey.

still excited, but getting impatient for taylor swift to make her appearance.

there she is... taylor swift herself during the opening number: mine.

she closed out the show with a fan favorite, love story, as she sang from a moving balcony that hovered over the audience followed by a mass of confetti.

it was a quite a show.
way more than i expected, for sure.
ava was so cute as she sang along to the songs.
although, i think she may be the only human being whose biological clock still works during a taylor swift concert. 9:15 hit and she was out. mind you, not only was the music and crowd extremely loud but there was also fireworks going off and she just snoozed through it all.
she did finally wake back up for the last couple of songs.

my favorite thing ava said all night was when we were in the car riding home.

ava: " mom, how does taylor swift know our names?"
me: " well, she doesn't."
ava: " then who invited us to her concert?"

if only she knew that those tickets cost us a pretty penny.
but, it was worth it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

fall break-e

we vacationed in mexico for fall break.
surprise, surprise. (it probably always seems like we are going to mexico)
but, this time was different.
we did mexico resort style.
which was awesome and amazing and super relaxing.

thanks to our awesome friends (adam and carolyn) who invited us but then left early cause their sweet baby fell off the bed and hit his head on the tile floor (ouchie) and since nobody wants to take their kid to a mexican hospital.... back to az they went.
luckily, they have awesome parents who were willing to still hang out with us and didn't make us feel like we were then imposing on their vacay :)

no trip to mexico is complete without an ice cream from thrify's. ,.÷
playdoh creations on the patio which got everywhere and was whole lot of fun to clean up.
no, it really wasn't.

we did everything you would normally do on a beachy/pool vacation just with a mexican flare
(think hair braiding and pool aerobic instructors tweeting a whistle every 5 seconds followed by their signature chant: ooah ooah..... oh, and of course lots of mexican food.)

unfortunately, our vacationado had to come to an end but not without chowing down on some fresh tortillas at the border.