Thursday, July 9, 2009

we're all dying

jack thinks he's dying.
if he happens to see blood, he's dying.
even if it is the tiniest of tiny amounts.
yep, he's on his way to his grave.


on the other hand, i really feel like i'm dying.
i have been deep cleaning my house for three days straight.
my sister-in-law is coming in town with her four kids and it isn't
until company is coming to stay at your house that you realize what a piece of crap 
you've been living in.
why is that?
the only thing is she is flying standby and keeps missing her flights.
so, even though i have more time to clean,
my kids have more time to trash the heck out of it.
i kind of want to yank my hair out by the roots and scream.
i guess i better get back to cleaning.
who knows what they have gotten into while i have been typing.


Marianne said...

At least if Jack is dying, his last meal (or one of them) was "Fruit by the Foot"! It doesn't get much better than that... what a way to go! :) Seriously though, if you saw my house after my kids are finished with it,... you would die!!

scott and lindsey said...

you should check out the youtube video with the boy screaming blood! haha- its funny.

the cleaning sounds like NO FUN... sorry ;(