Monday, May 31, 2010

summer is here

(jack riding home from his last day of school.)

school is out.
jack cried.
a lot.
his teacher said he cried like 5 times throughout the day.
then he cried some more when i picked him up.
kinda wierd since most kids come running out of school and never look back.
it was sort of cute, though.
he eventually got over it and then spent the rest of the day celebrating at his freinds sadie's house who had a massive swim party.
there was tons of food which included nutella sandwiches and giant cheese balls.
now you can see why he got over it.

summer is here, folks.
time for hot weather, sleeping in, lots of swimming, popsicles, high a/c bills, summer getaways,
and some bored children come mid-july.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

war paint

i feel like i've been here before.
oh yes, it was just two posts ago.
the backyard.
only this time i was cleaning up dinner when the sprinklers came on, the clothes came off, and kids were running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
they were taking sand on wiping it on their bodies if they were war indians heading off to battle.
it was quite an evening.

eden missed the memo that you were supposed to tear your clothes off and smear wet sand all over your body.

Monday, May 24, 2010

drink stand

jack and ava had their first lemonade stand on saturday.
it was actually rasberry ice crystal light since we were fresh out of lemonade.
it was a success even though jack was a little impatient.
instead of waiting for the customers to come to him, he went to them.
he went around knocking on the neighbor's doors asking if anyone wanted to buy some drinks.
he was able to guilt quite a few of them into forking over fifty since for a cup of ice cold crystal light.

(jack's creative drink sign that he made all by himself)

*my favorites this weekend were:
going to the gila valley temple dedication. {an amazing spiritual experience}
watching the suns beat the lakers.
indulging in more chocolate shakes.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

getting dirty

a mud bath in the backyard.

this is one of my childrens favorite outdoor activities.
to roll around in a muddy sandbox in our backyard with a hose.
sounds like a childs fantasy to me.

the end.

Monday, May 17, 2010

eight is great

this morning, i woke up to my favorite flowers, tulips, by my bedside.
my dear sweet husband left them for me before heading off to work.
today is our eighth wedding anniversay.
its crazy to think i have been married for eight years because it doesn't feel like it.
time does fly when you're having fun and when you are married to your best friend.
just the other day, jason and i were talking about how we have almost been an "item" longer than we haven't.
super crazy.
i can't picture my life without my wonderful husband in it.
he really is my everything.
cheesy, i know, but true.
and lately i can't get enough of his delicious chocolate shakes that he makes just for me every night for dessert.
my growing waisteline thanks him too.
they are just so addicting.
in fact, i can't wait to have another one tonight as we watch the suns go head-to-head with the lakers.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

ava in the spot light

ava's spring dance recital

ava lit it up on stage (a.k.a. the tennis courts). she was shaking her thing and dancing all around. her favorite move was the surfer move. the surfer move is when you act like you are surfing on a surf board. she had that one down pat.
there is nothing more entertaining than watching 3 year olds try to do a dance routine.
there are always the ones who are standing around doing nothing.
and then the few who are really trying do something and then the one girl who knows what she's doing.
ava was somewhere in the middle but she sure was cute.
jason and i had a good laugh.
after the whole production was over, the kids went to town on sticky, juicy popsicles.
which is now all over eden's carseat.

(there is nothing like melted popsicle dripping down your arm and neck)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

scream for ice cream

today was a special day. it was special because it was the first time since we have lived on valencia street that an ice cream truck has come along. it was even playing that familiar creepy ice cream truck music and all.

jack came running inside screaming with a giant popsicle in hand. i asked him where he got it. "from the ice cream man", he replied.
it turns out jack sold some rocks to the neighbors and had exactly enough change to purchase his giant popsicle. lucky for us, the ice cream man will be visiting every tuesday afternoon for the next while.
i guess we better stock up on some more rocks.

*on a side note....

...this is what eden's hair looks like after she wakes up from her nap.