Thursday, February 5, 2009

80 degrees

we may have scorching hot summers but nobody can beat our winters.
that's right. 80 degrees on this cool february day.
so what did we do?  celebrated.
i know east coasters would be killing for this kind of weather right now
and i am only going to rub it in a little bit because come summer
they'll be smearing it all over the place.

here's how our day went down...
bike ride.

lunch at the park.
playing in our bare feet.

a chocolate malt with an orange cherry on top.
which didn't go over too well with a certain someone.

inhaling a chocolate malt.

wearing tank tops and shorts.
loving the warm sunshine.

saving some for later.

playing with mother nature.

jack practiced taking pictures.

chucking a bike helmet at a tree to knock fruit down.

saying good-bye to a beautiful day.
the end.

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