Tuesday, February 10, 2009

weekend news

this past weekend brought us a whole lotta delightful moments.
ava learned how to ride her bike using the pedals.
try not to notice the flowers full of weeds... i'm gettin' there.
jason finally took down the christmas lights that only worked for a 
whole week due to a winter rain storm.
jack pulled those weeded flowers. neighbor mckinley came to help us.
then there was a discussion on whose hands were the dirtiest.
i think mckinley won especially after she manhandled an earthworm.
eden got a bath.  she was starting to smell like mildewed formula. yum.
my niece lexi got baptized. we were so happy and excited for her.
my whole family was there.  my whole big crazy family that is.
except for a brother and a sister.
on sunday the clouds rolled in and as we came out of sacrament
meeting we were greeted with a massive hail storm.  it was awesome.
everyone just stopped and stared.  we get a little excited here when it rains.
so, you could only imagine what it was like to have hail.  fascinating.
then we made cookies sunday afternoon to celebrate our rare climate.
they were delicious.  ava got a little mad because she wanted a whole
one and us mean parents would only give her a half.
then we caved and gave her more.  so much for being mean.


Chelsea said...

That picture of eden is sooo cute!:)

Lindsay Brummer said...

That picture of Ava is WONDERFUL!!! That is something she'll laugh at when she has her own kids.