Wednesday, February 4, 2009

today's agenda

Today's agenda
8:45 am     jack pre-school
11:15 am     anthropologie for kids craft day with crystal
12:30 pm   lunch at costa vita
1:30 pm     barnes and noble to play with the trains
3:30 pm     ava nap
4:30 pm     Woody's Photo Shoot...

"look mom!"
"woody in a parachute."

"woody on a train."
"woody on a fire truck."

"woody on, you know, the thing that goes fast."

"woody on the thing i got for my birthday."

"woody in an airplane."

"hey mom, take a picture of the baby while i get woody ready."

"woody on a surfboard."

"woody in a helicopter."

"woody on a hanger."

"woody in an airplane."

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Courtney said...

I ate at there today too! I just missed you...we left about the time you got there. We love Woody at our house too. Did you know he HAS to sit on the couch with Landon and watch himself in Toy Story every time?!