Monday, February 16, 2009

jason's b-day

for jason's birthday, i decided to get him a brand spankin' new bike.
so, to surprise him, me and the kids taped a happy birthday sign
up and put the bike right where he would see it
when he pulled in from work.

then we went inside and baked him cake.
one side for the birthday man which was topped
with one of his favorites, coconut pecan frosting,
and the other side for the kiddos. chocolate with sprinkles.
doesn't get anymore kid friendly than that.
while i cooked dinner, the kids waited at the window 
so they could see their surprised dad.
and surprised he was.
after a stroll around the block on his new two wheeler,
we lit up all 29 candles and sang him a jolly old
happy birthday song.
jack and ava helped blow out all the candles.
they figured than they would get to make wish too.
then, finally we enjoyed that cake.
next up on the birthday list.... disneyland.
that's right. we continued the birthday celebration at
where else, but the happiest place on earth.

 (more to come from mickey mouse country.)


Kaylani said...

Happy birthday Jason! Wow. 29...Hmm, I never knew you were SO much older than me :) Hope you had a great day!

Amanda Bowen said...

happy birthday jason. and you deborah do the coolest things for holidays! totally admire it.