Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Jack's first guitar show... (and the return of the blog posts!).

^^^his nervous face.^^^

a long time ago, like march 31, 2014, jack had has first live guitar performance.  he was really nervous but he killed it.  he played and sang "best day of my life" by american authors.  his niece, mckenna, sang back up for him and he was really excited about that.  i remember feeling so proud of him.  proud that he did something he wasn't sure he could do and proud for all his efforts to prepare himself to preform his song.  his guitar teacher talked him up right before he preformed and he followed with a solid performance. it's been fun watching his musical talent grow and seeing him get better and better with time and practice.  i just hope he sticks with it becuase i really enjoy listening to him play his little heart out.

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