Friday, May 2, 2014

a night at the museum.

we hit up the children's museum a few weekends ago.  we like to wait until the first friday of the month to go because from 5-9pm it's free.  and i don't know about you but i like free.  i really love our children's museum and so do our kids.  for me, it's kinda one of the only unique places in the valley that exists.

we try to expose the children to all the activities and different themed rooms that the museum has to offer, but the grocery store is the crowd favorite.  they would spend hours in there if we'd let them.  they can't get enough of pretend grocery shopping, being the cashier, restocking the shelves and working in the back room.  it's kind of amazing how these young kids assume roles and keep this make believe grocery store running without the parents help!  i like to just sit back and watch all the action.

for eden and jonah, the mail room came in a close second to the grocery store.  some other favorites were the car wash and the music room and many more fun little exhibits that intrigued their little minds. such a great place i tell ya.  and even better when it's free ;)

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