Monday, April 18, 2016

saying goodbye to my little brother.

back at the end of january, my sweet little brother passed away.  it was sudden and unexpected.  it was obviously a sad situation and many tears and "why did this happen" were expressed but at the same time, i was able to find comfort in knowing that he is in a much better place and he is free from all his demons that were keeping him from achieving all that he wanted to do here this earth.  

we drove him to thatcher, az for his final resting place.  he was buried right next to our grandparents and i know that he is beyond happy being there in the gila valley with grandma and grandpa daley.  after a very private and spiritual final goodbye, we all got in our cars and my father, who grew up in thatcher along with many of my other relatives in which some still live there, showed us around the town.  it's a quaint farming community with some adorable homes and an old town feel.  i remember as a little girl visiting my grandparents and my dad refreshed my memory by showing us the home he grew up in, which was the same one we would visit when i was younger.  he also showed us the  home that president kimball grew up in.  my grandpa and president kimball where actually very good friends.  my kids thought that was pretty cool and so did I ;)  after a little tour of the town, we had dinner at garrett's (my little brother) favorite mexican restaurant  in thatcher.  on our way out of town, we stopped to take some pictures of the gila valley temple.  i love seeing temples all over our country and the world and will always stop and take pictures whenever i can.

this was a beautiful day filled with sad and happy moments. it was spent with close family and friends.  i will always remember my brother as fun, loving and full of life.  he loved people and he loved serving others.  he was an organ donor and upon leaving this earth, he was able to save the lives of the 3 other individuals by giving his liver and both of his lungs.  this gives me peace knowing he is still living on through 3 other people.  love you, gar-bear!