Monday, April 28, 2014

jonah's third birthday.

jonah turned three on march 6, 2014.  it's hard to believe that my baby is three years old!  usually, i would have another one year old by this time but i don't (thankgoodness) and so we are all having so much fun enjoying jonah as our "baby" of the family.  he get's lots of attention whether he likes it or not.

he was so excited for his birthday and kept telling me that he wanted a chocolate cake and guitar for his "birday".  he got all those things plus he woke up to brand new teepee and a room filled with balloons. jonah and eden had fun all morning playing with all the balloons and running in and out of the teepee.  it was a good day that ended with presents and cake and family.

i am so thankful to have this little boy in my life.  he is such a funny kid and makes me laugh everyday.  everyone says he is a mini jason and even though i don't see it, it must be so because literally everyone says it.  he loves tractors, trains, and cars.  his favorite shows are team umizoomi and peppa pig.  his best friend is simon. his favorite conversation is to ask me where his dad is, and then he will ask where ava is, and then jack, and he will go through the whole faimly and then an hour later he will ask me all over again.  i tell him daddy is at work, ava is at school, jack is at school, papa is at work, nana is at home and so forth.  then he will smile and say "oh" and walks away.  it's pretty funny how he never tires of it.  but i seriously love this kid so much and so glad he's mine.

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