Monday, April 14, 2014

husband has a birthday.

it's husband turned another year.  it's weird how that sort of thing happens once year.  it always seems like your own birthday takes for ever to arrive but everyone else's sneaks up on you.  anyway, we had a tight knit little birthday celebration with my ultimate favorite cake from nothingbundt cakes... i would've gotten jason's favorite cake but he has been eating healthy lately and i knew he wasn't going to eat hardly any at all.  he's the kinda guy who doesn't care about that sort of stuff anyway that's one of the reasons why i love him so much.  me, i get all worked up over cake or any kind of sugar for that matter.  and since he barely even had a piece, there was plenty for me to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next few days.  it was wonderful.

i do need to say, i am so grateful that this husband of mine was born and that i get to be with him forever.  it brings a smile to face just thinking about it.  he is the best dad and the favorite parent for sure.  he's rarely in a bad mood and is always putting others first and never has a bad thing to say about anybody.  i can learn a lot from him :)  happy birthday, babe!  xoxo

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