Wednesday, April 9, 2014

making valentines.

yes, we made valentines this year.  just wanted to document that this happened even if valentines day was like 2 months ago.  they were made on a sunday afternoon while still dressed in church clothes. on a side note,  my kids stay in their church clothes almost the whole sunday. not because i make them but because they want to. ohkayy.  when i was a kid, i couldn't wait to get home and rip my dress off and put on my boxer shorts and t-shirt.  it's funny how opposite they are from me.  anyway, i just have to say that i am liking how my children are becoming more independent.  valentines aren't as near painstaking as they used be.  jack can pretty much do the whole process himself and ava is on her way there.  eden is the only one who needs some help but she is so "let-me-do-everything-myself" that i have to kinda step back and let her do her thing even if it's not what i think is perfect.  jonah stood by for moral support and to sneak a piece of candy here and there when no one was looking.  what he didn't know was i was looking ;)  but then he had to come ask me for help to get the wrapper open.  so i guess that makes me a co-conspirator.

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