Wednesday, February 26, 2014

the breinholt's go skiing.

way way back, like in 2013, we took a trip to the snow in durango, colorado.  we actually went there with my family for the new year and it was really so much fun.  jason and i were able to take turns skiing with all the kids except for jonah who stayed warm in the condo with my sister kayda and his nana.  we enjoyed seeing the kids personalities shine through as they tried to learn something new and maybe a bit challenging.

eden was fearless and picked up on it way quicker than i ever imagined.  jack and ava did ski school one day and then went skiing for a half day with us.  ava has some natural athletic talent in her so things like this aren't really that hard for her but she was very cautious and took the time to make sure she was doing all the right maneuvers.  jack was another story.  that kid likes to go straight down the mountain and doesn't care much about control.  unfortunately, that doesn't work out too well when you are trying to learn to ski so he had a ton of wipe outs and ate a lot of snow.  by the time he was at the bottom he was frozen from all the snow that got all up in his clothes and gloves and boots.  it didn't help that jason and i snowboard and that we were trying to help these kids ski.  it's very difficult to help a skier when strapped to a snowboard.  but we did it and we had the best time being with our kids and seeing them try and learn something new.  can't wait for some future ski trips!

^^^eden was the happiest little skier.^^^
^^^my sweet dad, my sister kayda, and her friend cheyanna.^^^
^^^heading up the big mountain on the ski lift.^^^
^^^check out those colorado rockies!^^^
the end.

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