Wednesday, February 19, 2014


^^^taking a short break from marketing.^^^

^^^cutest cashier on the block.^^^

for christmas, ava got a multi purpose stand that can change from a puppet theater, to a market, to a post office, to a lemonade stand.  well she was dying to try out the lemonade stand so we did what any normal arizonian does the day after christmas...sell lemonade! we really are blessed with perfect winter weather but in turn, we pay for it in the summer.  its a good enough trade off for me, though.

ava had quite a successful day.  she had her marketing team making signs and her stand was well staffed with a server (eden) and a casheir (jonah).  they had so much fun and even made a few dollars.  she was, however, very generous and gave out plenty of samples to the neighbor kids and to those helping out.  everyone was well hydrated...with lemonade ;)

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