Friday, March 7, 2014

new year's eve in durango, colorado.

our new year's eve went a little something like this....
^^^our new year's eve posse on the hunt for some ice cream.^^^  

^^^found the one ice cream shop in the ski village and thankfully it was open because we were having some major sugar cravings.^^^

^^^staring contest.^^^

^^^back in the condo...noise makers in action.^^^

^^^waiting patiently for midnight to come. (why is it so easy to stay up passed midnight on any other night except for new year's eve??)

^^^jack, ava, eden, jonah all set to ring in the new year... at this point i think it was only 10pm.^^^

^^^jonah blowing his horn.^^^

^^^at about 11pm we got tired of waiting and decided to celebrate an hour early. we figured it had to be the new year just a time zone away so why not.^^^

^^^the yawns started rolling in around 11:15.^^^

a few of us did make it to the official new year and poor ava tried so hard to stay awake but she just couldn't.  i did wake her to see the ball drop in new york city and she opened her eyes for about a minute and then was back to sleep.  jonah, however, was completely wired and i don't think he finally wound down and went to bed until after one.  he was a true partier and was digging all the horns and noisy things.  i'm pretty sure the people in the rooms around us were growing annoyed from our crazy two year old but it was new years so, we let him get away with it.  

i know it's now march, but at the time we were very excited for 2014 and even now we have seen a few good things the new year has brought and we can't wait to see what more good things will come.  

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