Tuesday, January 21, 2014

christmas sunday.

christmas sunday.
december 22, 2013.

christmas sunday is one of my most favorite sundays of the year.  and i was really hoping that we could be on time to church since this was going to be our last chance to try and make it to 8am church before the opening prayer.  (we haven't been on time the whole year that i can remember, minus maybe the one time when we had to say the opening prayer).  well, it didn't happen this sunday either.  we were all ready to go but of course we had to stop and take some pictures in front of the tree in our sunday christmas best.

i am so blessed to call these kids mine.  they are great kids all with great personalities.  jack had just gotten glasses and was so excited to wear them and show them off to the world.  it's funny because now that the newness has worn off, i barely see him in them at all.  anyway, we were again late to church, only by a few minutes, but i don't regret it.  having pictures of my kids together (looking happy) is a little more important in my book than saying we were on time to church.  and now it's a new year and we have 10am church so our goal of making it to church on time might be a bit more achievable.

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