Wednesday, January 22, 2014

a christmas get-together.

we got together with jason's family on the sunday evening before christmas.  those cousins always have a good time when they're with each other.  they decorated some cookies for santa and by the time the decorating was done there was enough sugar and sprinkles on those cookies to put even santa into a sugar coma.  but the creativity was definitely present.  the cousins also acted out the nativity.  ava and eden were the sweetest angels, jack was joseph, and, well, jonah was a shepherd who kept sneaking away to the bowl of peanut m&m's up on the counter.  that's my boy.  we ended the night with a little gift exchange.  jonah received a remote control lightening mcqueen car that sort of made his day.  we had a great time visiting with family and eating lots of delicious mexican food and reflecting on the true meaning of christmas.  love the holiday season.

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