Wednesday, January 15, 2014

caroling, hot chocolate, donuts, santa, etc.

^^^not sure why jack looks so grumpy here...^^^

^^^but this donut sure seemed to cheer him up.^^^

^^^another donut lover with some of the best eyelashes around.^^^

^^^i'm pretty sure eden believed that this was the real santa. she did't want to let him out of her sight.^^^

we continued the annual breinholt tradition this year with a monday night filled with caroling through neighborhoods aboard a hayride followed by hot chocolate and donuts.  (and lets not forgot conversations with santa claus.  eden spent a good ten minutes talking santa's ear off.)  my children look forward to this night every christmas season.  they get all bundled up and cozy up with their cousins as they bring christmas cheer to so many.  it really is a feel good experience and i'm thankful for jason's side of the family for all their efforts to put this thing together each and every year.  i know my kids will remember this tradition for like ever.  we heart christmas time.

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