Thursday, January 9, 2014

eden's princess birthday party.

^^^jack was trying to sneak into the party as a red headed rapunzel. brothers.^^^

^^^a good looking group of princesses.^^^

^^^everyone was so excited to have cinderella as the guest of honor.^^^

^^^she can give some pretty great expressions.^^^

eden had such a fun birthday party thanks to her guest, cinderella.  she kept all the young princesses busy with so many activities. she first taught them some princess etiquette and then read them her story and sang some songs followed by a crowd favorite, face painting.  lastly, she crowned eden as an honorary princess and did pictures and autographs with the girls.  she was a hit and so was eden's party!

it's always a good ending to a party when the birthday girl tells you that she had the best birthday party ever.  it makes all that cleaning and preparation worth it.

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