Tuesday, January 28, 2014

the nutcracker!

a few days before christmas, i took my girls on a date to the nutcracker or as eden likes to call it, the peanutcracker.  we drove to the big city (aka phoenix) and enjoyed some ballet at symphony hall.  the girls watched in amazement at the dancing ballerinas and told me several times throughout the show that they wished they could do that too.  when it was all over we went outside to take a few pictures and the girls just broke out into their own versions of ballet moves right there on the streets of phoenix.  they were quite literally dancing in the street (cue that song...you know which one i'm talking about).  it was pretty great.  i love my girls so much and i look forward to spending more and more mommy-daughter dates with them as they get older. i hope that we will always be the best of friends, i mean BFF's.  gotta use the right lingo here.

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