Monday, December 9, 2013

decorating the tree.

with the thanksgiving being so late this year and with family coming in town and traveling to mexico for turkey day, we decided to get the tree up and decorated before the holiday weekend. this was only after my kids begged me for like a week straight the to hang ornaments and i caved.

it was quite an event at the breinholt home (as most things are).  we had the christmas music playing, ornaments strung out everywhere and kids fighting about who gets to hang which ornament.  it wouldn't be the same if they were all getting along :)  jonah was was very in to the tree trimming this year.  he wanted to hang every ornament on the same branch and would get frustrated when they all didn't fit.  and then when we ran out of ornaments, he would just take them off and start all over again.  he's the funniest kid.

after all the decorating was done, we had a tree that was fully decorated minus the top third which was completely bare since none of the tiny arms could reach that high.  usually this bothers me, but no this year.  i think being in nursing school and stressed out about that all the time has let me be less stressed about little things like not having our tree evenly decorated.  this could be a good thing :)

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