Monday, December 16, 2013

gilbert days 5k.

a few weeks back, we (jason, jack, ava, and i) ran in the gilbert days 5k.  we have done it for the past 3 or 4 years but this was the first year that ava ran the 5k. in the past, she has only ran the mile so this was a kinda a big deal for her.  she was quite the super star and she hung in there the whole time.

the plan was for jason and i to stay with her because for one, jason hadn't ran in almost a year so he was pretty much out of shape and i even questioned if he could hang with her and two, i had just had my appendix taken out two weeks prior and wasn't sure how much i should push myself.  well, about a mile in i decided to try and catch up with jack.  he took off pretty fast in the beginning but i thought i could catch him.  i thought wrong.  jack ended up finishing a minute or two ahead of me and jason and ava came in after me.  i was so proud of my kids and so thankful for my parents who came to cheer us on and help watch jonah eden while we raced.  it's nice to have family close by.

i could tell the next that day that ava had pushed herself to her limit because she kept saying how sore she was and every time she would go up and down the stairs she would say how much it hurt her legs.  i realized a 5k to her is like a marathon to me.   hopefully by next year she will forget how miserable she felt afterwards and she will want to run it again :)

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