Friday, November 15, 2013


^^^my favorite halloween kids. the movie star, sheriff jonah, jack the magician, and ariel. ^^^

^^^our trick or treating transportation.^^^

^^^run, jack, run.  chasing down the golf cart.^^^

^^^chugging down the m&m's.^^^

well, halloween was a success. barely.  i had school that night and got home just in time to get my kids dressed in costume while jason worked up some pumpkin shaped tuna melt sandwiches in the kitchen.  we had a quick halloween feast due to some very impatient children who couldn't wait to go get some candy.  then, of course, i had to take some pictures which really didn't go over well with the kids.  the whole time they were complaining and kept trying to run out of the picture as i was taking them.  luckily, i was able to get a few.  we then loaded up the golf cart since that is the only way jason will trick or treat.  i prefer the old fashioned way of walking but i seem to lose that battle.  so, we were off.  jonah was the cutest trick or treater of them all.  at each house he would yell "twrick or treat" so loud that he startled half of the neighbors.  i think two is my favorite trick or treating age.  however, eden's mermaid costume stole the show.  people kept commenting on how adorable she looked.  i have to agree :)  although, i think all my kids looked pretty adorable.  after many houses and nearly full candy bags that got to heavy for my kids to carry and some tired faces it was time to head home.  see you next year halloween.

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