Wednesday, November 13, 2013

welcome home sister breinholt.

^^^watching all those airplanes.^^^

^^^practicing their sign holding skills for when sister breinholt makes her appearance.^^^

^^^always gaming.^^^

^^^getting close to her arrival.^^^

^^^welcome home sister breinholt!^^^

about two weeks ago, my niece returned home from her 18 month mission in chicago.  all the cousins were so very excited to see her.  it was a crazy breinholt bunch in that airport and i think we overwhelmed her a bit with all of our cheers and hugs.  it has been such a blessing having her on her mission and she has set such a great example of service for my kids and we greatly appreciate her and her sacrifice to serve.  my kids would pray for her in their prayers everyday and i am so happy that they could see the importance of serving a mission and the blessings that come with it.

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Arin Millett said...

Sister Breinholt my dad has your 13th article of faith tile. I found it at a goodwill store in soledad ca. This tile is in his blessing room, he is the patriarch of santa barbara stake.his email is