Tuesday, September 3, 2013

pit stop at the olympic training center.

we made it to colorado springs (from my sister-in-law's in dallas) in one piece.  i was actually pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the northeast part of new mexico was.  there were these green rolling hills with cute little farm or ranch houses.  it was one my favorite parts of our drive.  anyway, we stayed in a very interesting howard johnson inn for the night and in the morning we made an unscheduled visit to the olympic training center.  it happened to be on a sunday and so their tours were closed for the day which we were very bummed about.  jack was hoping he was going to get to see a real olympian.

the kids had loads of fun posing with the olympic rings.  i think we took at least a hundred pictures with them in a variety of different ways.  we looked around their little museum and walked the grounds hoping we would run into an olympian in training but no luck.  although, i think jack got very inspired.  he left there with idea that he was going to be in the olympics one day as a soccer player.  in fact he talked about it almost the whole next leg of our trip.

we left the olympic training center headed for our next stop which was a small town in wyoming called byron.  some of our good friends moved their a year ago and we were excited to go visit them and to explore another state.  we had about another 10-11 hour drive ahead of us but we stayed busy by jamming out to some tunes, watching a few movies and my favorite, taking some naps.

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