Wednesday, August 28, 2013

a few more photos from our trip to texas.

we had the best time in texas with our cousins.  they kept us busy with so many things to do.  we went to the lake, to the water park, rode quads (four wheelers) through the trails in their backyard, played some sand volleyball, got all dressed up like cows for some free food at chick fil a, watched some late night movies, played an all day game of phase 10 (probably the longest phase 10 game i have ever played), and so much more.

eden and ava adore their older girl cousins, addie and bailey.  i would often find them up in their room doing hair or hanging out or huddled under a blanket watching a movie.  they were hooked to their hips for a week and a half.  jack is and was all about his cousin zach.  jack would beg him to play video games with him and sweet zach always would.  jonah on the other hand, was obsessed with nobody, his obsession was with something, "the ride", aka the quad.  that boy could think about nothing else.  he was your best friend as long as you were giving him a ride.

we were sad when we had to leave but there were other adventures that lied ahead.  this was only the beginning of our summer road trip.  i loaded up everyone on a saturday morning and pulled out of mansfield, tx all by myself with four kids 8 and under.  jason had bailed on us a few days before because he had to get back to work.  so, we were off, headed for wyoming to visit friends.  our goal was to make it to colorado springs...about a 12 hour drive.  stay tuned to see if we made it!  spoiler:   (just in case you are wondering, we did!)

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