Friday, September 6, 2013

byron, wyoming.

we may have spent two day straight in car to get to this place, but it was well worth it.  our friends, the lofgrans, moved to this little town of byron, wyoming a little over a year ago and now, i can see why.  check out these wide open spaces.  their yard was something like out of the movies.  grass for days and a view to kill for.  now my friend, summer, did assure me that the summers are great but the winters are long, cold and dreadful.  i'm starting to think those winters might be worth these summers but it's easy for me to say since we visited during the best time of the year.

the first day we were there, my kids ran loose all over.  sometimes dressed and sometimes in their swimsuits with a hose in their hand.  there was lots of exploring going on and some water fights in between.  it was just what we needed after sitting in the car for two long days.  plus, it was a nice sight to see my kids outdoors playing in the summer.  we don't get to do that very often in our neck of the woods unless you want to burn your face off. (no thanks.)  byron, you made quite the impression on us.

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