Wednesday, September 11, 2013

more fun in wyoming.

just a few more photos from our amazing trip to wyoming where we spent almost all of it outdoors.

our friend's backyard was basically a kids dream.  lots of grass to run and play in, a jungle gym playground to slide, swing, and hang upside on until your heart's content, a bridge with a stream under it where plenty of rocks where thrown into it and next door neighbors with an inground trampoline that had a slide that took down under the tramp.  wow.  it was no wonder the kids never wanted to come inside.  they also played hide and go seek at least a hundred times.  this is how summer should be spent.

to top off our wyoming trip, my friend, summer, who was a week away from opening up her own ice cream shop, invited us in for a sneak peek. her little shop is so darling and can we talk about the ice cream? it is seriously the best i've ever tasted.  she had the most delicious flavors and my kids thought they had died and gone to heaven with all their scoops of ice cream. (which they had several days in a row)  i still have dreams about this one particular flavor called graham slam.  i am salivating just writing those words.  i so wish we had this ice cream in arizona.  i guess it gives me an excuse to head back to wyoming again soon.

thank you lofgrans for an unforgettable time and for spoiling us rotten with your outdoors and tubs of ice cream for breakfast.  you made it really hard for us to pack up and leave your wonderful town and state.

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