Friday, September 13, 2013

yellowstone and old faithful.

before leaving wyoming for good, we made sure to visit yellowstone on our way out.  i had never been before and i wasn't sure when i was going to be back up this way.  also, i wanted my kids to see it too.  however, i wasn't aware that it was going to take close to four hours to drive from the east side to the west side.  although it was very beautiful and scenic, the roads were windy and traffic was slow with little opportunities to pass.  jack kept getting car sick and was on the verge of throwing up so we had to pull over few times to let him get some fresh air.  of course, the main reason we drove through was to see old faithful and maybe a bear or two.

we finally arrived to old faithful after driving in yellowstone for a few hours and after my patience was about completely used up from a boy crying (i mean screaming like he was on his death bed) of his stomach hurting, kids complaining they were starving, one always saying they had to go pee, and from getting stuck behind the slowest grandpa drivers or the ones pulling a 100ft trailer.  but we made it and boy were we glad to get out of the car.

once we parked and walked a gazillion miles over to find old faithful, we found out it wasn't going be shooting up in the air for another hour or so. so, we headed to the nearby ski lodge for some lunch where we ordered way too much food because we were starving and all throughout our lunch these asian people kept taking pictures of my kids.  it was awesome.

after our lunch, we headed back over to old faithful where we found our spot on some logs and waited. and then about 10 or 15 minutes later it started to rise.  at first it was just a little water and then it got taller and bigger and more taller and then it got small again.  i'm not sure what my kids were expecting and maybe i talked it up way too much but ava's reaction summed it all up.  "that's it." she said.  "that was boring." okay, well someday i am sure you will appreciate the fact that you can say you've seen this incredible natural wonder.  i thought it was pretty cool and i think jack thought so too.  jonah was just along for the ride.

so, we've been there and done that.  that's all.  peace out yellowstone.  (ps jack was the most excited when we entered montana for about fifteen minutes as we exited yellowstone.  that was one more state he could say he had been to.)

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