Monday, September 9, 2013

exploring cody, wyoming.

one of our days in wyoming we took a drive to the nearby town of cody, which was really 45 minutes away, but in byron that's nearby.  oh small town living.  cody is actually a big town because they have a walmart!  that's a big deal when your own town doesn't even have a grocery store or gas station.  in cody, they also have this massive old west museum where the kids did some exploring.  they had these giant tee pees that i wish i could take home with me and put up in my backyard.  they were so rad.  then, there was this old west guy who had his own wagon where he was cooking homemade old west grub.  he was giving out samples of bread and beans and our kids kept inviting themselves to seconds, thirds, and fourths.  it was a little embarrassing but the old man was kind and didn't seem to mind thankgoodness.

we walked the grounds and took lots of pictures of statues of people and figures from the old west.  my friend summer grew up in this town, so she was being our little tour guide and was giving us the inside scoop on many of the sites.  we finished off our little adventure by the horses.  the kids were very interested in the miniature horse.  he was just their size and i'm pretty sure eden asked a few if we could get one just like him for our house.  of course the answer was no.  i'm such a mean mom.

we had so much fun in this old west town and i remember the weather was so nice.  the kids had to ask for their sweaters a couple of times.  what?  you are asking for a sweater in july?  that's unheard of when you live in arizona.

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